Smith Morrow Leads and Collars



Welcome to the web home of Smith Morrow, a division of Joy Designs.  We're delighted that you've chosen to visit us.  We hope you will find the information we've provided here useful and informative.  We invite you to look through our products and to consider ordering one of our exceptional leather collars and leads.  Since we'd enjoy meeting you personally, we've included a listing of the shows we will be attending.  And we're very interested in hearing about your experience with our products.  Contact us to place an order, to comment on our products, or to give us ideas for new products you'd like us to consider making.


Using only the highest quality materials, we create our SMITH MORROW leads and collars with special attention to detail, design them for durability, and tailor them for a perfect fit.  Leather edges are shaped by hand and then carefully stained and polished, again by hand.  All critical stitching is done by hand on a stitching horse using two needles to produce a better, stronger stitch than can be achieved by machine.  To insure long life, we use bonded nylon thread.   All hardware is solid brass, bronze, or nickel plated steel to insure strength and beauty.

The leather used by SMITH MORROW for all of the strap work is produced in England by the prestigious firm of J&E Sedgwick.  The leather is vegetable tanned, hand colored and hand curried with cod liver oil, tallow and a substantial amount of fats.  This process produces the highest quality of leather and provides a soft, durable product with a beautiful finish.

Padding is either hand selected New Zealand wool, high quality soft chap leather or Australian kangaroo leather.


Except for breakage of 1/4" wide leads and collars, if at any time your lead or collar requires repair or has failed for any reason (except for chewing or misuse), please return it to us.  We will make the necessary repairs at no cost.  If it cannot be repaired, we will replace it at no cost or, if you prefer, refund your purchase price.


We have made every effort to assure that our SMITH MORROW leads and collars are made with the finest materials and classical craftsmanship so that they will provide you and your dog with years of pleasure.  We'd like to believe that you will return to us again and again as your preferred source for the finest leads and collars available.